# Action Step - Sequence Operation

Use sequences to automatically send your customer a message like follow up. You can send many messages with different delays.

# Create Sequence


Follow step 1 to 3 and you will see this:


5 steps to create a sequence:

  1. give a sequence name
  2. click "Add Message"
  3. click area 3
  4. choose the sub flow to send
  5. click "Save"

After clicking area 3, the setting window pops up:


  1. adjust the time
  2. choose send anytime or between a time range
  3. remove like Saturday and Sunday if you don't want to bother users on weekend
  4. choose correct content Type (important)
  5. pick a notification type

# Content Type

Any message sent more than 24 hours after a subscriber’s last interaction must have a Content Type that fits the message’s purpose (in accordance with Facebook Messenger Policy).

Content typed “Other” or without a Content Type will NOT be delivered to subscribers who interacted with you via Messenger over 24 hours ago.


Sending messages that do not match the assigned Content Type may result in your page being suspended by Facebook.

  • Default / Other

    Can contain promotions and it will only send to users who interacted with your bot in the last 24 hours.

  • Confirmed Event Update

    Send the user reminders or updates for an event they have registered for (e.g., RSVP'ed, purchased tickets). This tag may be used for upcoming events and events in progress.

  • Post Purchased Update

    Notify the user of an update on a recent purchase. Confirmation of transaction, such as invoices or receipts, Notifications of shipment status, such as product in-transit, shipped, delivered, or delayed.

  • Account Update

    Notify the user of a non-recurring change to their application or account.

Check this link for more guidance.

# Send Multiple Messages


When you send more than 1 message in your sequence, note that all the messages are sent in order.

In the above picuture, for example, the "Booked" sub flow will be sent "Immediately" once the user subscribes to this "Appointment Follow Up" sequence. Because the first message begins the count down once the user subscribes.

The next message begins the count down once the previous is sent. Thus, the "Appointment Follow Up" sub flow will be sent 1 day after the "Booked" sub flow is sent.

# Send Sub Flow

Make some sub flows to send specifically for your sequences. Please note that each Send Message step has its own "Message Tag". The tag is set to "Other" defaultly.

Let's say, now it is over 24 hours since the user last interacted with your bot. You choose a non-default content type for a message in your sequence. This setting automatically change the message tag of the first Send Message step in the sub flow you send.

Later, if the user responds, you are then able to send messages normally with default content type. So, usually you won't need to change any message tag in your sub flow.

# Subscribe / Unsubscribe Sequence

Go "Flow Actions", and you can find the 2 sequence operations.


There are a couple of examples to use sequence, such as

  • "Event Follow Up" - send confirm message immediately once user registers and follow-up message as reminder or helper
  • "Get Feedback" - ask for feedback like 2 hours after user talked to your bot
  • "Send Coupon" - send coupons when user put something in cart but doesn't make order for a long time
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