# Connect to Facebook

Before you make a Facebook bot, you will need to link UChat to your Facebook page.


  1. Click "Facebook" from the sidebar.
  2. Click "Connect Facebook Page", jump to facebook.com, select the pages you want to connect to in your page list.


Please note that

if you connect your Facebook Account with more than 1 UChat users, remember to select all pages that require management regardless of users. This is because, when you jump to "Connect Facebook Page", you are choosing which pages will be automated by UChat, not assigning which page to which user.

After connection, you will see this:


  1. Click "Reconnect" when you want to add a new page or refresh.
  2. You can see all the connected pages here.

Please note that

the red x is for disconnecting the flow with your page only. Your flow won't be removed. It will still stay in your account remain intact.


If you already made a Facebook flow before you connect to your page, try publishing your flow as a template. Then use the "Create Flow" button above to create a new flow base on that template.

Click here for how to publish a flow as template.

You can create a Facebook flow in "All Flows" section in the dashboard. However, it is more recommended to connect to your Facebook page first (whatever a page in use or a test one), then create a flow base on this connection.

By doing this you are able to test the bot side by side when you build it. Also, your bot is ready to use quickly once you build your first function.

😎 Ready to start building your bot? Check how to build flow.

Last Updated: 4/15/2021, 4:41:19 AM