# Tencent AI

# Services Offered

Tencent AI offers various practical features and these are some of the most popular services:

tencent ai

All the services are categorized into

  • face recognition
  • face effects
  • human body recognition
  • text recognition
  • image identification
  • speech technology
  • natural language processing
  • AI platform services and
  • smart robot.

Check detailed services (opens new window) for each category.

# Setup

tencent ai

Follow step 1 to 4.

tencent ai

To get "App Id", log in yourself and you can find it in your account information at the upper right corner:

tencent ai

Copy this "App Id" back to UChat.

You will get your "App Key" after creating a new App. See the Smart Chat example below.

# Example - Smart Chat

Open this website: https://ai.qq.com/product/nlpchat.shtml (opens new window).

Click "Free trial".

tencent ai

Fill in a form about your business and click "Complete registration".

tencent ai

Then "Create application" page shows. Fill in App information and click "Create".

tencent ai

After creation, bring your "App Key" back to UChat. Paste the ID and key, click "Save". Then you will see a "Verified" once you succeed:

tencent ai

Now you can see the integration in your Action step.

# Use Tencent AI in Action Step

tencent ai

In an Action step, find "Tencent AI" in "Ingetrations".

tencent ai

Simply give input and name a variable to store the output.

All done! Make a loop including a Question step to get input, an Action step calling the integration and a Send Message step to show the output.

Check 3:13 to 4:17 of our video tutorial (opens new window) for test result.

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