# Signalwire

With Signalwire you are able to create voice and SMS chatbots inside of your UChat account. This native integration allows you to connect to your account in just a few steps.

From the main dashboard overview, choose integrations on the left-hand side, then select Signalwire from the list.


You will need 3 kinds of login details in order to connect to your SignalWire account:

  • Project id
  • App Token
  • Space URL

# Login to Signalwire

In order to grab your credentials, you will need to login into your SignalWire account (opens new window).

Once inside you should have a similar overview when being directed to your dashboard


From this main dashboard overview, you will be able to directly grab your Project ID and Space URL.

# Creating or fetching your token

To grab your token go to the API menu option on the left-hand side and from there press the generate a token button.


Fill in the needed credentials and you will get a token in return.

Once done paste all the credentials into your workspace and don’t forget the press the save button.


# How to use SignalWire

Now that your account has been connected you can start creating voice and or SMS chatbots.

Just go to the left-hand menu, select either the voice or SMS channel and press the add phone number button.

From the dropdown select SignalWire, then press the button find number.


Last Updated: 4/7/2022, 3:34:57 AM