# Zapier

Zapier is a fantastic automation platform that lets you connect with thousands of third-party software.

In order to add UChat to your Zapier account, it requires just a few steps.

From the main dashboard go to Integrations from the left-hand menu, then select Zapier from the list.

Press the button named Start Zapier integration.


# How to add UChat to your Zapier account

Once the button to start the Zapier integration has been pressed you will be taken to a webpage where you are invited to try out the UChat app


Press the button to add the app to your custom integrations section inside your Zapier Account.

To find the UChat app go to My Apps, then Custom Integrations. Press the UChat app to connect your account from UChat to Zapier.


You will then be taken to another page where you will need to press the button Add connection.


Here you will need to enter your API token. If you do not know how to generate an API token inside of your UChat account then take a look here (opens new window).


Once you pasted in your API key then press the button Yes, Continue. Zapier will connect to your UChat chatbot of choice and once done you will see it displayed in your connections overview.


If you like to watch the video tutorial instead you can do so below UChat Basics Course New Series - 25. Connecting to your Zapier account (opens new window)

# How to use Zapier

Once connected you can now use Zapier directly inside of your flows. Inside of any flow create an action block, then select integrations and choose Zapier. From here you will need to insert the “event name” that you use inside of your zap in Zapier.

The naming needs to be precise to connect properly.


Last Updated: 4/7/2022, 3:34:57 AM