# Pabbly

Like Zapier and Integromat Pabbly is another automation platform that allows you to connect to different third-party software.

To start connecting to your Pabbly account go to the Integrations from your left-hand menu, then choose Pabbly.


# How to add UChat to your Pabbly account

Once the above button is pressed it will take you to a webpage. From here press the button Connect UChat for free.

When you are signed into Pabbly it will take you to the main dashboard at Pabbly (opens new window).

From here you can go to Pabbly Connect and create your automation. When searching for apps type in UChat and it should show up now.

Select the action and or trigger then press connect to select the chatbot connection.


If you do not know how to find or create your UChat API token then press here (opens new window).

Once inserted press save and your account should be connected.

From here you can use Pabbly and UChat to set up your automation.

Last Updated: 4/7/2022, 3:34:57 AM