# What is Mini-App

Mini-Apps is packaged External Request. In an external request action, you need to configure all the parameters, set inputs and outputs which can be a hassle. Besides, users without coding knowledge might don't know how to call an API correctly.

before mini app

That's why Mini-App is here for you! With Mini-App, developers can package all the complex configurations and leave users with only input and output settings, just like any other integrated actions you used before! Moreover, people can share their Mini-Apps with other users and install Mini-Apps created by other users as well!

after mini app

# Advantages

  • Easy to manage
  • Less maintenance
  • Fewer mistakes
  • More secure
  • Use across flows, channels and even workspaces!

# Benefits

  • Developer earn profits
  • Users get handy tools

# What to do

# Mini-App Developers:

  • Create app & configure auth
  • Add triggers, actions
  • Save it
  • Test it
  • Submit for review
  • Publish and appear in Mini-App Store

# Mini-App Users:

  • Download app
  • Register with the tool to get API key
  • Use it in any flow
Last Updated: 9/8/2021, 7:45:32 AM