# Shopify

With Shopify, your bot can show and gather information during conversations, including customers, products, discounts and shop details.

# Setup Shopify

connect shopify

By following the above 4 steps, jumping to Shopify's website and logging in yourself, you can easily connect your Shopify account to UChat.

After connection, you will then be able to use Shopify in your Action step. As follow are the functions you can utilize. Descriptions for each field will be put on corresponding photos.


The functions work via API calls. This means that, by giving some inputs, you get your outputs from the servers. The outputs are saved in custom fields for future uses.


You might need to know how to build flow and use variables before you read the following functions. See links below for guidance.

# Use Shopify in Action Step

# Search for Customers

# Get Customer Info

# Get Customer Orders

# Get Customer Abandoned Checkout

# Search for products

# Get Product Info

# Get Product Images

# Get Product Variants

# Search for Custom Collections

# Search for Smart Collections

# Get Collection Info

# Get Collection Products

# Get Shop Info

# Lookup Discount Code

# Create Discount Code


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