# Sub Flow

Same as "Canvas", "Sub Flow" can also help with step organization. "Canvas" organizes steps in a sub flow while "Sub Flow" organizes steps in the whole flow.

# Switch among Sub Flows

sub flow

At the top navigation bar, click the current sub flow name:

sub flow

Click on a sub flow like area 2 to switch to that sub flow.

# Create Sub Flow

sub flow

Click "+ New Sub Flow", choose a flow type and give a name.

sub flow

Or click the dot for more operations.

Use "Folder" to organize your sub flows if needed.

# Move Steps to Sub Flow

We've learned that to move the workspace, click and drag the workspace. For selecting multiple steps, it's a bit similar. Click but hold a second, then drag a pink rectangle to cover the steps you would like to select:


Alternatively, ctrl + click them one by one:



If the edit panel didn't show, ctrl + click one of the green steps twice to de-select it and re-select it again. The panel should show.

After selecting multiple steps, "Select sub flow", then click "Move to sub flow"


You will need to select at least 2 steps to create a canvas or move them to other sub flows. So if you have only 1 step to move or put in a canvas, try adding a temporary step to help and discard it after that.

sub flow


If you find yourself unable to click "Move to sub flow" after choosing a sub flow, you might include the green start point in your selection. Because the green start point of any sub flow can't be moved to other sub flows. You can solve this issue by de-selecting the green start point.

# Use Sub Flow

After creating sub flows, you can then

# Workflow & Function Flow

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The documentation is still in progress. Please check our video tutorial (opens new window) for guidance. Should you have any query, please feel free to contact us via the UChat support bot in the bottom right corner on uchat.com.au (opens new window).

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