# Accounts & Members

As mentioned previously, account is to be seen as a team while members/users are person working in the team.


Please note that a team can have many members and a member can join many teams.

# Accounts Settings

go to accounts

By clicking 1 and 2 on the upper left corner of your dashboard, you will jump to account settings and it will look like this:

overview of accounts

Here you can see all the accounts you've joined. As follow are the 3 operations of setting your account, corresponding to the above picture:

  1. Create new accounts (the creator of an account becomes the owner)
  2. Switch to the dashboard of that account
  3. If you are the owner of that account, you will see a red x. Click it to remove that account. If you are not, a yellow arrow will be there instead of the red x. Click it to leave that account.

# Add & Switch Between Accounts

overview of accounts

Apart from the method mentioned in Account Settings above, you can also create new accounts or switch between accounts just in the upper left drop-down list.

Please note that

when you log in, the system might log you into another account and it could seem like your flows are missing or different from what you saw last time. This can be easily solved by switching back to the account you worked on previously.

# Members and Roles

overview of members

Each "UChat account" is to be seen as a person. Members are all the people that have limited or full access to the Account (a team). There are 3 types of role, owner, Admin and Member.

overview of members

The first person who creates the account becomes the only owner of the account.

Member has limited access to the account.

  • View and edit all flows
  • View and edit all templates
  • View other members' names and roles

Admin has limited access to the account.

  • Has all features with Member
  • Manage Facebook connections, phone numbers, all integrations and ecommerce system
  • Manage invoices info

Owner has full access to the account.

  • Has all features with Admin
  • Update account profile
  • Add and delete other members
  • Manage role type for other members
  • Manage subscription and payment for the account

# Add, Edit & Delete Members

(Owner Only) Click on "Members" on the left sidebar. Then send out invitations to new members with their email addresses.

If this new member is already an UChat user, he/she can accept the invitation in UChat notification center or by clicking the link in the invitation email. There will be a notification (a small bell) shown on the upper right corner of the dashboard.

If the new member is not an UChat user yet, the invitation email will contain a link to set up a new password. Once set up, the member can then also log into the Account with their own login details.

# Eidt Role of Members

(Owner Only) You can assign roles at the time you invite new members or edit it in "Members" on the left sidebar. Click on the little gear to change the role of a member.

# Forgot Your Password

overview of members

To restore your password, click “Forgot Your Password?” on the login page. You will need to provide your email address and then click on the link that sent to your email. The link will bring you to a reset password page.

Last Updated: 5/11/2021, 12:25:47 AM