# Send Message Step

After creating your first flow, open it, click "Edit Flow", have your bot side by side and here we go! 😆

Let's take Facebook as an example. Other flows share similar processes where the main difference is message type.

send message

A few simple steps to send out your first message:

  1. click the green start point
  2. in the edit panel, "Select Next Step"
  3. choose "Send Message" step
  4. click the "Send Message" step
  5. click text type message
  6. enter your message
  7. "Publish"

send message

That's it! Let's test!

send message

Congrats! Your bot is working now. 🤖🤖

Let me show you some more details about Send Message step. Check by type below:

# Message Type in Common

# Send Text / Variable


UChat has integrated with Grammarly to help you get your expression perfect.


By clicking "</>", you can insert emojis or variable values. This is how you display your information to users.

# Send Image / Audio / Video / File

Generally, there are 4 ways:


  • upload from your system
  • from an URL link (recommended)

    You can search pictures online and copy their direct URL links. Alternatively, you can upload photos to your server or photo storage from other third parties, then get your direct URL links. Direct URL link means the link is pointing to a specific photo, not a website, ending with .jpg or .png, etc. Take the link in the above picture for an example.

  • search from GIFs gallery

    UChat provide you with a GIFs gallery, you can search what you need here.

  • from Library

    Library is the place you can see all the photos you have uploaded before. So that you don't need to re-upload the same photos, just select in your library.

# Facebook - Send Message

Facebook allows the bot to send texts with 3 buttons and 10 quick replies at most.

# Send Text with Button & Quick Reply

send message

The difference between button and quick reply:

Type Usage
buttons once sent, always in the conversation to be pressed
quick reply similar to button, but disappear when used

Try to add some buttons, quick replies and test it. You will see their differences.

# Send Card

send message

Card is used to display a serious of information nicely like product information. There are 4 factors in a card, picture, title, subtitle and button.


Please note that to show a card, you must have a title and at least one other factor.

# Send "For Each"

This message type is also showing cards but in a more automatic way. With "For Each", you don't need to type in each card yourself. It automatically displays all items in a JSON variable. Check Action Step - JSON Operation.

# Send Dynamic Content

Dynamic content helps you send out API requests to your server or a third-party server to display response from them. Check Action Step - External Request.

# Send Ecommerce Product

Check Ecommerce for how to setup and use built-in ecommerce system.

# WhatsApp - Send Message

Message type with WhatsApp:

send message

# Send Location

send message

Search the location you would like to send on a map, then right-click to copy its latitude and longitude value:

send message

Enter your location name, paste the data and add a label if needed.

send message

# Voice - Send Message

# Send Text / Audio

send message

You can have the bot read out the text with a specified language or record your own audio and upload it.


for voice bot, you can set a default language at the Start Point or set it separately for each send message/question step.

# SMS - Send Message

SMS bot can send only text and image.

send message

# WeChat - Send Message

WeChat allows the bot to send texts with 10 buttons at most. Message type with WeChat:

send message

# Send Article

send message

This is how it looks like in the chat:

send message

# Send Mini Program

You can also send mini-programs that associates with your official account.

send message

# Telegram - Send Message

Telegram flow is our newly added flow type. It is similar to Facebook flow except for some exclusive features with Facebook. Please check Facebook flow for guidance for now. Text tutorial about Telegram flow will be updated shortly.

Last Updated: 4/6/2021, 3:01:59 AM