# FAQ - About Channel

# Unable to connect Facebook page / Instagram

# Has your Facebook page been published?

Only published Facebook pages can be seen and connected to build chatbots.

# Have you connected this page to another workspace before?

In UChat, if you already connected your page to a workspace, you won't be able to see or connect it to another workspace. Please disconnect the page, and re-connect it to a new workspace.

# Did you connect your workspace with multiple Facebook users?

  • First of all, one workspace can only connect to one Facebook user. You can be invited to be admins of many pages and build bots for those pages.
  • The limitation was under development before (before 22/11/2021) which is why you might be able to connect your workspace with multiple Facebook users. It's our issue, to make up for that, we will keep all your old connections because your bots are already in use.
  • Last but not least, how can you add new pages to your workspace from now on?
    • You can have the first connected Facebook user add new pages for this workspace.
    • You can remove all the connections, re-connect them with a new Facebook user.

# A checklist for Instagram bot not showing

  1. Is this Instagram account an Instagram Business account?
  2. Did you connect this Instagram account with a Facebook page?
  3. Have you enabled the "allow access to messages" on the Instagram account?
  4. Did you select both the Instagram and the according Facebook page when you connect with UChat?

For how to do the above 4 steps, see how to setup Instagram bot.

# Does Google channel have an inbox like Facebook Messenger?

Yes, but if you use bot automation, the Google inbox will be disabled and vice versa.

# WhatsApp/360Dialog: Why photo URLs from WhatsApp bot show "Not Found"?

If you are using 360Dialog sandbox, they have limitations for sandbox testers to access their media.

# When sync Google business, it shows "business name too long".

The maximum length of business name is 100 character.

type can change agent name?
local no
non-local yes
both local and non-local yes

# Facebook comments growth tool not working

Possible reasons:

  1. Did you give the comment permission when you connect your Facebook page?
  2. It won't work if you comment by using your page profile, you need to comment by using a user profile.
  3. Did you accidentally check "reply only once to each user in each post"?


  1. In the reply sub flow, you can only send 1 message with buttons or quick replies. Don't add anything before that block. Keep it simple.

# Can I play audio for a question in Voice bot?

Yes, please check how to play audio in question step.

# Facebook customer chat plugin limitation

When users talk to your bot through customer chat plugin, the chat widget on your website (see screenshot below), Facebook only sends user's "user_ref" to us rather than "user_id". We are unable to know that which "user_ref" is connected with which "user_id", so we have to create another new profile when a new ref or id coming in.


This sometimes can result in one user has 2 profile in UChat.

# In order to reduce latency, can I upload all my audio file in UChat voice bot?

Yes, you can upload audio files on UChat. However, the latency won't be reduced, even possibly increased.

This is because, when you upload the audio in UChat, we still need to generate an URL for this file and send it to your phone number provider, e.g. Twilio. It's Twilio using the file, not UChat. So basically the latency won't be reduced.

There can be even more latency when UChat manages more and more audio files for numerous bots. So we recommend users store the file at other places.

# Error sending payload: 2534040 (#613) The rate limit has exceeded. Please retry again after some time

Facebook and Instagram have rate limits according to the number of followers. This error occurs when your follower amount surge in a short period. Facebook will adjust your rate limit after a while.

Last Updated: 12/16/2021, 3:58:52 AM