# FAQ - About Account

# Can I try Pro features?

Sure! Use this coupon code "OneWeekFree" (case sensitive) when you subscribe. Card information needed. You can cancel anytime within a week. You won't be charged until a week later.

# A pro plan can have 2 members, does that mean I can invite 2 other members?

No, you are the owner of the workspace, that's already one member. You can invite one left.

# What's the difference between sub-domain and custom domain?

If you don't have your own custom domain, you can use sub-domain.

type example
custom domain bot.yourname.com
sub-domain yourname.portal.uchat.com.au

# What does the 360Dialog $5/month price include?

Please check their pricing page via: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/whatsapp/pricing/ (opens new window)

# Where can I get the 360Dialog $5/month offer?

You can start with new pricing with a new number, or follow the instructions to migrate your WhatsApp number from any other BSP to 360Dialog.

# 1 workspace can only connect 1 Facebook/Google account, does that mean I can only build 1 chatbot?

Your Facebook/Google account doesn't need to be the owner of a Facebook page or Google my business. You can ask the owner to invite you to be the admin of a page/business. Then you can build a bot for that page/business by connecting your own Facebook/Google account to UChat.

# The data on my dashboard is incorrect

The dashboard is not updated in real time. Usually, it's updated every 10 minutes.


Last Updated: 10/1/2021, 1:24:23 PM