# FAQ - About Feature

# How is UChat compared to Manychat, Chatfuel, Chatrace and other bot platforms?

We have prepared a comprehensive comparison with different platforms based on Interface, Chatbot elements, Users, Messages, AI & NLP, Channels, Integrations, Marketing, Pricing, Analytics, Ecommerce, Templates & Cloning, Optimisation & Support, etc.

Most of the data about other platforms are based on the reviews from chatimize.
https://chatimize.com/chatbot-platform-comparison/ (opens new window)

Please do note that some of the data might be outdated considering the fast-changing landscape of the chatbot market.

The comparison is for your reference only, if you find any errors or incorrect information, please contact us through [email protected], we will make the necessary changes.

You can find more details here:

# Google Sheets Limitation

# I Can't Get Row Beyond 5000

Row beyond 5000 will be slow to process. So we only check data from row 1 to row 5000. Maybe you can add data in different columns.

# I Can't Read / Write Data

Google Sheet has limit for usage. Please check https://developers.google.com/sheets/api/reference/limits (opens new window).

# Which timezone is the date picker base on, in the question step?

When the user picks a time, the time is based on the timezone in their profile first. If they don't have a timezone in their profile, then the workspace's timezone is used.

# Image not showing

Please check that the image URL is

  1. a full image link started with "http"
  2. a direct image link usually ended with ".png", ".jpg", etc, pointing to an image instead of a web page, see examples below.
direct URL https://i.imgur.com/OSlzKwS.png
non-direct URL https://imgur.com/OSlzKwS

# URL button not showing

If you are using a button to open an URL link, please make sure

  1. it is a full link started with "http"
  2. with no emoji in the link
  3. with no space in the link
  4. test the link from your browser to check the accessibility
Example Result
uchat.com.au incorrect
https://uchat.com.au correct
https://www.uchat.com.au correct

# Call button not showing

Please make sure that the phone number is in the correct format, e.g. +61412345678.

Possible reasons:

  1. the image URL of the card is incorrect or blank. see FAQ - Image not showing.
  2. the URL of the URL button is incorrect or blank. see FAQ - URL button not showing.
  3. the phone number of the call button is incorrect or blank. see FAQ - Call button not showing.
  4. cards exceed the limitation, 10.

For example, I use for-each to show 10 cards in a gallery. The title is ITEM::$.title. If one of the title values from the JSON is blank, this can result in the whole gallery not showing. So usually you can put an extra word or emoji in card title, sub-title or button like Title: ITEM::$.title which can reduce some errors.

# Which channel doesn't support GIF?

Google, Instagram and WhatsApp.

# Cannot send JSON as value when I use API to change variable value

When you use API to change variable value of user field or bot field, there is a parameter called "value", this parameter only accept string. So please use a JSON.stringify function to convert your JSON value to be a string.

Last Updated: 10/22/2021, 10:22:57 AM