# Billing

To manage the billing information of an account, you must be the owner of that account.


Before you manage your billing, you can switch among accounts by clicking the upper left account info on your dashboard. This is because, one user can join many accounts(teams). The subscription and billing are made to accounts, not users. So do make sure you are under the correct account.


The account billing is sitting at the very end of the left sidebar. You can manage your subscriptions, payment method, and preview/download invoices.

# Subscription

On your dashboard, choose an account in the upper left corner. Click "Subscription" on the left sidebar. Then pick a subscription plan as you need.


You can choose monthly or yearly subscription. Currently, we have 2 types of plan, Pro and Pro Plus. Click the "Features" button to see the differences between them.

After clicking the white circle on the left side of the plan you need, fill in your card information and click "Subscribe". We have 5 Day Trial for any plan. You are free to unsubscribe anytime during the trial.

# Payment Method

overview of payment

To add/update your payment method, click "Payment Method" from the left sidebar.

# Invoices

overview of invoices

Click "Invoices" from the left sidebar, here is where you update your invoices information.

Last Updated: 4/5/2021, 10:54:15 PM