# Billing (Upgrade/Redeem)

You must be the owner of the workspace to manage the billing information.


The subscription is made to workspace, not user. So do make sure you are under the correct workspace when you upgrade or redeem.


By following steps 1,2 and 3 above, you can see your subscription status and current usage of your plan.

# Subscription

To upgrade to PRO, pick one of the subscription plans, and the "Billing Information" table will show at the bottom. Fill in your card details and hit the "Subscribe" button. Check differences among plans (opens new window).

overview of sidebar


Currently, we support only Visa and MasterCard.

# Redeem

overview of sidebar

If you have a redeem code, here is where you redeem your lifetime deal.

# Payment Method

overview of payment

To update your payment method, click "Payment Method".


Currently, we support only Visa and MasterCard.

# Invoices

overview of invoices

"Invoices" is where you update your invoices information.

Last Updated: 4/12/2022, 8:38:52 AM