# Flows & Templates

# Create Flows

UChat supports 7 types of bots so far. If you are just making flow for practice or templates, you can freely create any types of flows you want at "All Flow" from the sidebar of your dashboard. However, if you would like to make a real bot and run it, basically it takes you two steps:

  • Create a flow
  • Connect to the channel


The order of doing these two steps might differ from channel to channel. Some require you must do the connection before creating a flow while some are opposite. Check by type below. 👇 It is highly recommended to run a real bot because you can test your bot side by side when you build it.

Create from template

when you create a flow from coping a template, make sure that you go into each sub flow and publish them one by one.

Check how to setup each type of flows.

# Edit/build Flows

Editing a flow is basically editing the steps and connections among steps in your workspace.

Check Flow Builder Overview for how to build a flow.

# Create Templates

Templates are created from one of your existing flows.

create template

  1. Click "My Templates" on the dashboard.
  2. Click "+ New Template"

choose flow

Select one of your existing flows.

edit content

Give descriptions for template fields like manager email, restaurant address/contact, etc. Also, give default values if needed.

give a name

Finally, name the template and that's it! 😊


You might want to keep the original flow that you used to generate the template for later adjustment of the template. See how to edit templates below 👇

# Edit Templates

edit template

Click "Eidt Template" in the above picture.

template settings

  1. where you can choose who will see this template.
  2. when you need to update the flow steps in this template, you will need to go back to "All Flows" section, edit the original flow which you used to generate this template, and come back to click the button 2, "Edit Template Flow". The system will list the differences between the old template and the updated original flow.
Last Updated: 4/15/2021, 4:41:19 AM