# Integrations

UChat has integrated with various third-party applications that you are familiar with, including:

Application What service do they offer
stripe accept payments
shopify manage customers/products/discount..
calendly book appointment
slack send notification
zapier task automation
pabbly task automation
integrately task automation
dialogflow train your bot to understand more human language
google spreadsheet manage user data
data store manage user data
smtp profile send emails
gmail send emails
sendgrid send emails
zoho customer relationship management
mailchimp customer relationship management
au property access a large amount of real estate data in Australia
videosdk serve your users by video/call
mini apps Customize your own integration with Mini-Apps google translateemail verificaitonthecheckerpanda checkoutvoice makerphonelookupactivecampaign etc

Wonder how to utilize these applications in your flow? Check detailed guides for each integration.

Last Updated: 10/1/2021, 1:24:23 PM