# Actions

Action is the core of the app. It shows what your app can do. On the user side, they simply give you inputs and get their outputs. So, each mini-app action consists of 3 parts,

Part Description
Inputs (optional) To get data from chatbot
Outputs (optional) To return data back to chatbot
Subflow To run when the action is called

# Create


Follow steps 1 to 6 in the above screenshot to create an action and start editing it.

# Action Inputs

By following your API documentation, you can see what parameters are required, what types of values are they and, are they mandatory or optional.

Click on Add Items in the Inputs section:


Have your documentation and UChat side by side, and copy and paste information accordingly.

Parameters Description
Unique Name Unique in all auth inputs, you are unable to insert a space. Use underscores or hyphens to separate words
Type Choose String for text without carriage returns, Number for integer or float numbers, Text for text with carriage returns, Select for static or dynamic source input
Title Title shows on the user interface
Required? Is this input a must? if not, switch off and provide a default value if needed
Save to App Field Specify where to store the value. Create a new app field right here by typing in a new field name and selecting a field type in the pop-up, or search an existing field
Placeholder Grey prompt shows in the input box
Description Black prompt shows under the input box



We suggest you fill in the Inputs first and left the Outputs after you finish the subflow for this action.

Put on the necessary description and guidance and have a check on the preview section for your inputs.

# Action Subflow

After editing the action info, create a subflow to run when users call this action:



# Action Outputs


Add needed outputs and click on 2 Save buttons to save not only the output editing, but also the action editing.


You are unable to create a new app field in From App Field here. Please go to the App Fields section to create new app fields.


Always remember to click on "Save" instead of cancel before you exit the action editing. Otherwise, you lose your action editing.

Last Updated: 4/6/2022, 6:53:36 AM