# Overview

# Create New App


Follow steps 1 to 7 in the above screenshot to create a version 2 app and enter the app builder.

# Process Overview

Usually, an app is built in the following order:

Steps What to do
1. Settings set up basic app info
2. Auth set up app authentication(auth inputs)
3. Actions add app action, edit action info and specify action inputs
4. Flows edit subflows for the action, get action outputs
5. Actions specify action outputs
6. App Fields edit fields whenever you need to
7. Triggers add trigger if you need to
8. One Time Urls add one-time URLs if you need to
9. Sources add sources for action inputs if you need to
10. Testing install the draft app in your workspace and test it
11. Publish submit for review if you want it to be publicly accessible

Full Demo Available

A payment gateway, Razorpay, will be used as an example of how to create and edit a Mini-App in version 2.0 from the very beginning to publishing. To learn with the demo, check Razorpay Demo. You might also want to check each section separately.

Last Updated: 4/6/2022, 6:53:36 AM