# Benefits of partner?

With the UChat partner program, you will get the below benefits:

# Full white label option:

You won’t find any UChat brand in the registration process, dashboard, and even the apps used to connect to Facebook, Instagram, or Google Business messenger(in progress), etc, it will be a non-UChat brand by default.

Basically, all the apps used to connect with 3rd party services (Gmail, Google sheet, Stripe, Calendly, Zapier, Make/Integromat, Pabbly Connect) are all non-UChat branded by default.

# Your custom domain/brand:

You will have your own custom domain, sign in/sign up page & send welcome emails from your own email address.

# Your own pricing & 100% profit:

You will be able to set up your own pricing/plan, and the customer will pay directly to you from your own checkout page, and you can keep 100% of the profit(deduce the workspace cost from UChat).

  • Every partner has the option to set up 2-3 different pricing plans based on our basic workspace & add on pricing.

More details below

You can also easily charge the clients in your own currency. With our partner API, you can automate the purchase, and cancellation process.

# Your branded UI:

Partners will have the option to customize the login page, and also select the different designs of the UI(available soon), and even have your branded design of the flow builder.

# Your own dashboard to manage workspaces provide support:

Partners will have their own dashboard to manage the workspaces under their custom domain. You can easily upgrade, or downgrade your customer’s workspace, and also you can add add-ons to any workspace. You can get access to your client's workspace to help or fix the flows for them.

# Automate the purchase process with our partner API:

UChat offers various API endpoints for our partners so that our partners can automate the purchase/upgrade process, and also easily add extra add-ons automatically.

Also, a full training course will be provided for free for partners to set up their own custom pricing and automate the purchase process.

# Free sandbox workspace account:

Partner will get access to a free sandbox account, you can test our partner API request, and build your automation without using the credits in your wallet.

If you need access to the sandbox account, send to support email or reach out to UChat team.

# Automate onboarding with our webhooks:

Partners will get access to APIs to create users, and also receive webhook events like user_registered; workspace_created; workspace_deleted; plan_changed; plan_renewed, and overdue. You can easily set up your own sales funnel to convert the free trial users to paying customers.

Also, partners will get access to the step-by-step training to set up their own sales funnels, sample onboarding email/chatbot sequence will be provided for reference.

# 14 days free trial workspaces:

Every new workspace under your custom domain will be offered a 14-day free trial, access to all pro features, and no credit card required.

This will help you go onboarding customers easily.

# Your own template store:

You will have the option to start your own template store, all the templates created & published from any of the workspaces under your custom domain will only be available under your custom domain.

Partners will also have the option to select/activate the template from our official template store to show up under their custom domain.

# Your own mini-app store:

You will have the option to start your own mini-app store or select the mini-apps you want to offer under your custom domain from our official mini app store.

# Your own API swagger:

You will have your own API swagger access(under your custom domain & brand name)

# Get referral clients from UChat:

For the partners that have more than 10 paid workspaces under their custom domain, we will refer clients to those partners.

# Free main workspace:

We will offer 1 main workspace for partners, you will have 5 bots, 10,000 bot users & 5 members in this workspace. Please note if you add extra bots, or members, extra charges will be applied.

# Priority support & training:

Feature requests from our partners will be of high priority, and also partners will get access to UChat team members directly for the training or technical help if it’s required.

# Premium template & course:

UChat will bring more industry-specific templates & training, all these templates and training will be free to our partners.

# Live chat mobile apps:

All UChat partners will get access to a generic mobile apps to handle the live chat, and you will also have the option to publish under your own brand, reach out to support to learn more.

Done for you service: If you think it’s too much hassle to set up all the customization & custom billing automation, our team can help you set everything up for a one time payment(if you are using Thrivecart or Chatbot for custom billing).

Reach out to support for more information.

# Multiple language support:

UChat support the partner to select the default language for all workspace under their custom domain, currently Portuguese language are supported. If you want to help with the translation into your own language, reach out to support.

Here (opens new window) is the source code for your reference.

Last Updated: 6/9/2022, 7:22:47 AM