# Customization

UChat wants to offer you the platform you can really build your business on. We offer the features & training that any agencies need.

At the same time, UChat wants to offer a platform that is flexible and customizable to our partners.

Here are a few customization options for our partners, and more options will be added in the future updates.

Please note, partners will get a non-UChat branded platform as the default, and that means you won't see anything under UChat brand name.

And also all the customization options are available to purchase to upgrade.

Ask support or your customer manager for the details of pricing.

# Login Page

By default, the login/sign up page is a simple form. With this customization, you can have the option to add your own designs like the screenshot below:


# UI Design

We understand that some of the partners want to have their own design of the UI, and UChat can customize the platform with the design you have.

The important rule is that, when you design your layout, make sure you don’t change the functionality of the module and keep the changes at the css level.

We will give you suggestions and feedback about the UI you provided.

One example of the UI would work for us, check screenshot below:


Also UChat will provide a couple of different themes for you to choose from, theme like below:


Reach out to support to get the quote for your own design and our theme design.

In the UChat partner dashboard, there are a few places using urls, for example when you upload a file or generate a dynamic checkout link, or appointment link, by default, the link is under a non-UChat domain(dfktv2.com).

If any partners want to switch this to their own domain, reach out to support for a quote to make it happen.

# Onboarding Videos

UChat offers non-UChat branded videos(51+ more videos and increasing), it’s in english.

Partners will have the option to pay one time fee and we can customize and add your brand & logo to all the videos, you can switch the onboarding videos to your own branded videos.

A sample of where these video located, and how it looks like:


You can go to ecommerce under UChat, and then you will find the sample videos & looks from the screenshot above.

The whole playlist of the onboarding videos (opens new window), you can find on our UChat youtube channel.

Reach out to support about the price of customized onboarding videos.

# App Connecting Facebook & Instagram

By default, all the apps used to connect with 3rd party platforms are non-UChat branded apps.

For example, When you are connecting to your Facebook page and Instagram account, we are using a generic app to connect:


Our partner will have the chance to connect using their own branded app. We can help apply the app & get the app approved, and then connect in your custom domain.

Also you can apply your own app if you know how. We will help you connect using your own app.

Reach out to support the price options to upgrade.

# App connecting Gmail & Google Sheet:

By default, we use the non-UChat branded app to connect to Gmail & Google Sheets.

We will offer to apply the app under your brand name and get it connected to your own custom domain.

Reach out to support the price to upgrade.

# App in Zapier/Make/Pabbly

By default, UChat partners use non-UChat branded apps in Zapier/Make/Bubbly Connect to integrate with 3rd party platforms.

The generic branded app is Chatbot App, see the screenshot below:


UChat partners will have the opportunity to connect to 3rd parties through their own branded app.

Reach out to support the price to upgrade.

# Mobile App

UChat has launched a mobile app that allows you to easily manage and reply to your customer on your phone.

By default, we offer a non-UChat branded app for our partner to use. If you want to launch your own branded mobile app to serve your client, you can reach out to support for the price to upgrade.


With mobile app, you can:

  • Assign the conversation to yourself or team member, build your ticketing system. Seamless integrate right in the flow builder with the “assign team member” action.
  • Easy to pause/resume automation, easy to switch between inbox & done folder, so that you can always keep track of the tickets
  • Re-engaged with your customer: you can send template message or SMS & email to reach customers that are out of 24 hour window.
  • Easy manage contacts: You can get all the contacts from different social channels at one place, you can filter the contacts based on tags, custom fields or channels, and even edit tags or user custom field.
  • Push notifications: You can easy to turn on or off the push notifications, and also select the ring tone you like, always get in touch with your contacts.

# Customized Channel

If you want to integrate with the channel UChat currently doesn't support yet, we offer this option to our partners.

We will first check your API documentation, if it’s suitable for the integrations, we will estimate the time required, and then send you a quote for the integration.

The quotation is based on different variables, reaching out to support to discuss the details.

Check more details through the video below:

Last Updated: 6/10/2022, 12:41:10 AM