# Manage Credit / Wallet

All the updates of workspace or add-ons under your custom domain will use the credit in your wallet.

You can charge your credit, check your credit spending history and also predict usage in the next 7 days/30 days.


# Add Credit

UChat supports you to add credit through Stripe payment by default. If you want to charge through Paypal. You can reach out to support. We can add manually for you after the payment.

UChat also offers a different discount if you charge above $500. You will have the chance to get $10, $50, $150 extra credit for charge $500, $1000, $2000 at one time.

You can find the details in the screenshot below.


After select the credit you want to add, click the “Add Credit” button, and then it will pop up in the window below, click “Pay now”


And then you will be redirected to the Stripe checkout page for the payment.

After successful payment, you will be redirected back to UChat, and your credit will be added to your wallet.

Also, you will have the option to download the invoice in the credit history.

If you want to add credit from Paypal, you need to reach out to the support to get the payment details. And after the payment, We will add the credit into your wallet manually.

This usually takes 2 working days.

# Credit Predict

You will find the credit usage under the available credit information, we generate the estimated credit required for the next 7 days, and 30 days.

The credit estimate is based on if there is any paid workspace that has the auto renew on. We will calculate the basic plan and add-on(if there is any)

In this case, you will get an idea about how much credits are required for the coming 7/30 days.


# Important Note

UChat doesn't offer a refund for the credit you charged. Make sure you charge the amount you need.

Check the video below for more details:

Last Updated: 6/10/2022, 12:41:10 AM