# Partner Program

# What is partner?

UChat partner program is to offer a full white label, customized option for digital marketing agencies.

They can build their business on top of our platform.

There are 3 important features of the UChat partner program.

  • Customized pricing: partners will be able to sell their plans & pricing, and keep 100% of the profit. More details below
  • Full white-label: You won’t see any UChat brand on the platform, and you will have the option to upgrade with your own brand.
  • Flexible customization: Partners will be able to customize the platform to have their own designed UI, login page, and even their own branded flow builder theme, more customization options will be offered in the future.

Our goal with the partner plan is to provide digital marketing agencies with a platform that they can rely on and build their business on!

# Who is partner for?

The partner program is designed for anyone who is in the digital marketing space, no matter if you are already running a digital marketing agency or plan to start your own digital marketing agency.

The partner program is perfect for:

  • Existing digital marketing agency: Maybe you are only building a website or running paid campaigns for your client. It’s a good opportunity to add extra value/service to your existing clients.

  • Existing chatbot marketing agencies: using other platforms: Compared to other chatbot platforms, UChat provides more channels and more features, and you can seamlessly switch to the UChat platform.

  • Anyone who wants to get into the digital marketing business: Building a chatbot conversation solution is an easy entry point but can provide huge value for the business. With all the training & template UChat is going to offer, you can easily sell your solutions to businesses.

  • Anyone who wants to make money online: This is not a “make quick money online” option, It requires hard work, but you can really learn some marketing skills and then build a niche market solution, and then you will be able to start your online business with UChat’s partner program.

If you want to know more about our partner program, you can reach out to support or book a zoom call with us

👉 Book a zoom call here (opens new window).

Last Updated: 6/9/2022, 7:22:47 AM