# Difference between partner plan & agency plan

There are a couple of differences between our partner plan & agency plan(which include agency plan, agency plus plan & app sumo Tier5 plan).

The list of the difference is below:

  • Custom billing

  • Custom pricing/Custom plan

  • Feature customization

  • Partner API

  • Non-UChat branded app(connect with 3rd party)

  • Template store customization

  • Mini app customization

  • Non-UChat branded mobile app

  • Other features

  • Priority support & Premium template & Training

# Custom billing

The main difference between the partner plan & agency plan is that the agency plan is using UChat official pricing, and the customer pays to UChat first, and you can get 20% revenue sharing to your stripe account.

But the partner plan allows you to set up your own pricing, your own plan, and your own checkout page, and the customer pays to you first, and after deducting the cost of the workspace or add-on, you can keep 100% of the profit.

You can set up your own billing page at your partner settings under white-label settings(only available for partner program):

Our cost price of workspace and add on to our partner is:

  • $10/workspace(business plan, 1 bot, 5 members, 1000 bot users)

  • $5 per month for every extra bot

  • $5 per month for every extra member

  • $5 per month for every extra 1000 bot users

  • $30 per month for every extra 10000 bot users

For example, for an agency plan, if you have set up your own custom domain, and also connect your stripe account to your main plan, your customer can sign up at your custom domain, and every workspace will get started for 14 days of access to all the pro features.

If the customer decides to upgrade to a paid plan, they will subscribe to UChat's official pricing(which might change in the future), and 20% of the revenue share will be sent to your Stripe account every month.

UChat’s official pricing starts at $10 per month, your client might get billed for the extra bot, member or bot users. Say their bill for this month is $10 per month, and you will get $2 per month into your stripe account.

Now, for the partner program, if you are selling our business plan at $49 per month, and our cost of this workspace is $10 per month, then you can keep the $39 per month profit to yourself.

That’s the gist of the difference regarding the billing.

# Custom pricing/plan

Partners will have the option to set up their own pricing & plans. Partners can design their plans based on the variations in the number of bots, members & bot users.

After you decide on your pricing & plan, you can reach out to support to add those pricing & plans to your backend.

And then you can upgrade the customer manually or automatically through our partner API.

Agency plans don’t have this feature, because their customers subscribe to UChat official pricing & plan.

# Feature customization

Partners will have the option to disable or enable different features for the plans they have. For example, disable the Omni channel in the starter plan, and only offer this channel in the higher plan.

You will have all the options to disable or enable channels, features, and integrations that UChat offers.

Agency plans don’t have this feature.

# Partner API

Since the agency plan is using UChat's official pricing, they don’t need to upgrade the custom workspace. But they can check all the workspaces including free and paid plans under their custom domain.

You can find all the workspace under your custom domain under the workspaces tab.

UChat partner plans do offer the option for the owner to manually upgrade their customer’s workspace or automatically upgrade using partner API.

Our partner API documentation is here (opens new window).

Also, UChat partners will get access to free step-by-step training to set up the checkout automation with Thrivecart or Chatbot.

The whole purchase, cancellation or rebill failure process can be automated.

More details about the free training are here:

Partner - Thrivecart (opens new window)

Partner - Checkout (opens new window)

# Non-UChat branded app

It’s important that an agency or partner plan can serve their clients under their own brand. That’s why we are offering a free upgrade to our existing agency plan/agency plus plan/ Appsumo tier5 plan holders.

But you need to submit the request by clicking the link here (opens new window) or send an “update” to UChat's official messenger account.

We will take your information down, and this upgrade will be done every Friday manually from our side, until the 18th of July.

We will send notifications to all the eligible users every week until the 18th of July.

Below is the app that will convert to a non-UChat branded app for agency/agency plus/app sumo tier5 users.

Once we get our non-uchat branded mobile app & Google business messenger approved, we will also include them into your custom domain.

Please do note the below important information:

  • This free upgrade only applies to the previous agency ltd, agency plus, app sumo tier 5 plan, or the workspace that has the white label settings.

  • Once we update the non-UChat branded app to your plan, it will only apply to all the new workspace created under your custom domain.

  • Your existing workspace will still be using the UChat app.

# Template store

For previous white label plans, you can choose to hide template store, and you can find the options in your white label settings:

For the partner plan, you can customize and select the template you want to activate under your custom domain, and also every workspace under your custom domain can publish templates, and all those templates will only be available under your custom domain.

# Mini app store

For previous white label plans, you can choose to hide the mini app store, and you can find the options in your white label settings:

For a partner plan, you can select a certain mini-app to show under your own mini app store, simply activate the mini-app you want in the settings.

# Non-UChat branded mobile app

We will be offering a non-UChat branded app to use for both of our partners & white label users for free.

We will announce the mobile app once they are available.

Android app for non-UChat branded already available here (opens new window).

# Disable sign-up page

As a partner, you will have the option to disable the public sign-up page on the login page. You can turn it off in the partner settings

However, you can have more control to create the new user/workspace through our partner API.

This feature is only available for partner plans.

# Login page customization

As a partner, you will have the option to customize the login page, you can find the settings in the partner settings.

You can select and set up different themes, and easily have your own design and branded login page as screenshot below:

# Multiple language support

UChat supports partners in selecting the default language for their custom domain. Then all the workspace created by default will be under that language.

However, the user will still have the option to switch the language under the user settings.

# Priority support & access to premium template & training

UChat offers priority support to our partners, and also the feature request from partners will be prioritized.

UChat partners will get access to all the premium templates and training we release for free.

# Upgrade to partner from existing WL plan

UChat offers 50 spots for the existing white label users to upgrade to our partner plan at a huge discount price.

Here is the detail about the upgrade:

  • This upgrade only applies to our existing white label account, which includes the agency plan, agency plus plan, and app sumo tier5 plan.

  • Your existing limits on the main workspace will convert to our partner's main workspace limits which are 5 bots, 5 members & 10000 bot users. For the agency plus plan, only the main workspace will convert into the new limits, and the rest 19 workspaces will stay under the same limits.

  • The price is $49 per month for the first 15 users to join our partner program; then $69 per month for the next 15 users to join our partner program, and then $89 per month for the next 20 users to join our partner program, a total of 50 spots are available to upgrade to the partner plan at discounted price

  • After the upgrade at a discounted price, you won’t be able to revert back to the original plan.

  • The deadline for the upgrade is 18th, July, or the time when the 50 spots are taken, whichever comes first.

Check the below instructions if you want to upgrade to our partner plan. Reach out to support if you have questions.

# How to upgrade?

Once you made your decision, and under the conditions about the upgrade, you can send a support ticket for the upgrade, please mention the email of your main workspace(the one that has white-label settings), and then we will manually downgrade this workspace to the free plan, and offer you a one-time use coupon code, then you can subscribe to the partner plan with this coupon code.

Depending on which pricing point you will be locked in, we will also let you know in the email so that you can make up your own decision.

Last Updated: 6/15/2022, 9:58:22 AM