# Manage Workspace

You will have another separate tab, where you can check all the workspace registered under your custom domain.

# 14-day Free Trial

Please note, regular users can also sign up under your custom domain if your signup link is publicly available.

If you have set up your custom domain, your sign up link should be something like: https://yourcustomdomain.com/register

Every workspace will start 14 days free trial, access to all pro features, and no credit card required.

The workspace will start with 200 bot users, 1 member and 1 bots. They can use this 1 bot in omni channels or other individual channels.

Also, free workspace under your custom domain will not be charged.

There isn’t limitation on how many workspace you can create under your custom domain.

# Manage your workspace

In the workspace tab, you can see all the workspaces under your custom domain, including free workspace and paid workspaces.

You can filter them by Free workspace, or Paid workspace.


And also you can filter by the workspace name, workspace ID(which you can find your workspace ID in the workspace settings), and also owner email.


In the workspace listing, as screenshot below:


Point 1: You will be able to see clearly, which plan the workspace is on. If no plan is shown, then the workspace is on the free plan. Also, you will be able to see the current billing period under the name of the plan.

Point2: You will be able to see the limits of the bot users, members & bots the workspace currently has.

If there are any add-ons for the current workspace, you will see them in RED color below the regular plan.

As you can see in the above screenshot, the workspace ID 8284 has added an extra 1 member, so total of 6 members, added an extra 1 bot, so total 2 bots, added extra 10000 bot users, so total 11000 bot users.

Point 3: You can switch the workspace on or off auto renew. If the auto renew is on, at the end of the billing date, we will automatically charge for this workspace.

UChat will deduce the amount automatically from your credits/wallet.

If the auto renew is off, then 3 days after the end of the billing cycle, the workspace will be downgraded to free plan. If the bot user is more than 200(free plan limits), extra bot users will be deleted.

As partner, you can set up webhook to listen to the “overdue” event, and then send automation reminder to yourself and customers as well.

Details training on how to do this in the below section.

Point 4: You can upgrade to paid plan or downgrade to free plan. If you click upgrade, you will see the screenshot below:


It will show your own plan, you can customize up to 3 different plans for your customer under your custom domain.

Regarding custom pricing, please check the section of “How to set up your own pricing/plan”.

If you click the “Change plan” button for any paid workspace, you will see the screenshot below:


First of all, it will show what plan the current workspace is on, and then you can have the option to change plans or downgrade to a free plan.

Also you will be able to see the add on options below, you can add extra members, extra bots, extra bot users to the current workspace.

Our cost price for add on to our partners is:

  • $5 per month for every extra bot
  • $5 per month for every extra member
  • $5 per month for every extra 1000 bot users
  • $30 per month for every extra 10000 bot users

For the upgrade, and add an extra add-on, UChat will deduce the credit from your wallet(Prepaid credit).

Check the video below for more details:

Last Updated: 6/10/2022, 12:41:10 AM