# How to join partner program?

# Pricing?

To join our partner program, the pricing is $199 per month. If you have any questions about our partner program, you can book a zoom call with the UChat team or send an email to support([email protected])

Book a zoom call here (opens new window).

# How to subscribe?

In any of the workspaces, you can go to the billing option, and then select the partner plan, and subscribe to it.

Then you will have all the white label settings in your current workspace.

Also, you will have a main workspace with 5 bots, 5 members, and 10,000 bot users for free(valued at $99/month)

# How does it work?

One of the biggest features of the UChat program is that you will be able to sell at your own pricing/plans and keep 100% of the profit.

Below is the cost price we provide to our partners:

Business plan: $10 per workspace: which includes 1bot(you can use this in Omnichannel), 1000 bot users & 5 members

We also offer flexible add-ons to our partners:

  • $5 per month for every extra bot, you can put this bot in any channel, only 1 omnichannel is available for every workspace
  • $5 per month for every extra member.
  • $5 per month for every 1000 bot users
  • $30 per month for every 10,000 bot users

You can come up with your own pricing plan based on our cost, and whatever the extra pricing you are selling to your customers, you will be able to keep 100% of that profit.

# How can you profit from it?

For example, if you have joined our partner program, and sold 20 workspaces of the basic business plan at $49 per month(you can decide the pricing point you want to sell).

  • Basic workspace plan detail: 1 bot, 1000 bot users, and 5 members, the cost for our partners is $10 per month.

So, you are getting $49/month x 20 = $980/month directly from your customer. This will be your revenue. Your customer pays you directly on your own checkout page.

The cost from UChat is: $199/month(partner monthly fee) + $10x20(workspace cost)=$399 per month.

So your profit will be $581 per month.

You can also sell extra add-ons to your customers, and it works under the same concept.

# Refund or cancellation policy?

UChat offer 14 days free trial, you can get access to all pro features. And everything about our partner program is documented in this help documentation.

So no refund will be offered if you join our partner program.

But you can cancel anytime right in your workspace. Upon cancellation, you won’t get access to the white label settings, and also you won’t be able to manage workspaces under your custom domain.

Any paid workspace under your custom domain will still work if you still have credit in your “wallet”.

The paid workspace will be downgraded to a free plan if no credit is available with 3 days' overdue notice.

# What if my partner's payment fails, what will happen?

Sometimes, your credit card might expire, or no funds are available for the partner's monthly fee. The payment might fail.

If you want to update your credit card, you can do so by going to billing, and then selecting the Payment method.

Update your new credit card information below.


We offer a 7 days buffer, we will try to charge multiple times within 7 days, if the payment still can’t go through, then your main workspace will be downgraded to the free plan. Your partner plan will be canceled.

Also, you can reach out to support if you need to extend for more than 7 days.

Once your main workspace is downgraded to free plan, you won’t be able to manage your workspace or custom billing pages.

But as long as you still have credit in your wallet, your customers under your custom domain won’t be affected. If the credit is exhausted, your customer’s workspace will also be downgraded to free plan.

If you are an early adopter of our partner plan, once your partner plan is downgraded to a free plan, your old subscription/price won’t be able to be restored.

You need to subscribe to our official pricing if you want to join the partner program again.

# What happens to your existing customers if you cancel your partner subscription?

If you ever decide to cancel your partner subscription, we can offer to migrate your existing customers to UChat if they want to.

However, they need to subscribe to our official pricing. Reach out to support if you need help with this.

# Can you offer a 30-day free trial for partners?

By default, UChat offers 14 days free trial for the pro plan.

This should be enough for most cases. If you want to offer a 30-day free trial, our cost for that is $5 per month for our partners. Please note this is only for the 1st month.

For the 2nd month, it will be $10/month for the basic business plan.

Also if you enabled this feature, this will be the default setting for any new workspaces under your custom domain.

If you need to set this up, reach out to support.

# For existing UChat customers

If you are existing UChat customers, and you are our agency or agency plus or appsumo tier5 customers.

We offer the opportunity to convert your existing plan to our partner plan. Please noted, that you need to have the white label settings at your main workspace. And whatever limits you are having for the main workspace will be convert to our partner main workspace limits( 5bots, 5 members, 10000 bot users). If you want to make the change, reach out to support,you will be offer the chance to convert & upgrade to the partner plan. It will be on monthly plan, no LTD for our partner program. This offer valid for a month after we official launch our partner program. Deadline is 18th July, 2022 More details will be shared through email or in our Facebook group.

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